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Sample COM Object to Access Data HostName.exe, a sample COM object to access data from the ILS server.
Size: 260KB
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text organizer aplikasi untuk edit data entry practice  
DAO ( Data Access Object ) -Generator DAO-Generator is used for Java/J2EE applications to obtain high quality source code for the Data Access...
Size: 41 KB
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tone generator generator Java quiz generator source  
Microsoft Data Access Components - Disable ADODB.Stream Object from Internet Explorer (KB870669) Learn how to read and write files on a hard drive.
Size: 103.75K
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read only drive  
Site Server 3.0: Sample COM Object to Access Data from the ILS Server (HostName.exe) Access data from the ILS server easily.
Size: 259.51K
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ils server  
Dynamic Data Display A library of WPF controls for dynamic data visualization
Size: 1 MB
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Library control Data Visualization WPF library WPF  
DaDi (Data Display) Monitor data that's critical to you on ticker tape display.
Size: 37.5K
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Ex Export A library to help you with your development.
Size: 18 KB
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viewer view display display data tables display data object  
DAO-Generator DAO(Data Access Object) Generator generates high quality source code for the Data Access Layer in service-oriented and object-orinted architecture for accessing relational database schemas.
Size: 450K
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object-oriented programming object-oriented prog Object  
LogiDAO Windows Based Data Access Object (DAO) Generator for PHP. Generates PHP classes to access database tables as objects by reading the table schema. The Data Access Object (DAO) layer is an essential par
Size: 2.70 MB
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Object TextGadget object objects access data access layer  
Habanero Pro Habanero is an object-relational mapping (ORM) architecture for .Net that maps object-oriented code to relational databases. It persists data to and from the database and generates user interfaces to
Size: 31.13 MB
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object-oriented programming object-oriented prog  
VSFlexData Concentrate on your application, not on your data storage mechanism! Use this lightweight, advanced ActiveX object to develop robust data structures. Included data types are Array (Fixed and Dynamic),
Size: 1,857K
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data storage Data-Centric Application Unified Data Storage  
SFUK Viewer Will decode and display lightning location data downloaded from the net. Features: three different map projections, copy/save/print display, animate through hourly data, download data from within the
Size: 1,294K
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copy data decode data structure Save Location  

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Teroid Data Graph The control can display data across any range of positive or negative numbers, and all aspects of the graph's appearance including colors, fonts and line thicknesses.
Size: 127.93 KB
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line drawing monochrome line drawing image to line drawing  
DB Sleuth Features of [b]DB Sleuth[/b]: Data Browser Quick access to row counts for all tables in a single view Study data propagation/growth over time Analyze data and display statistics Perform ad-hoc queries...
Size: 6.92MB
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analyze document microsoft picture manager  
Gravity Alpha 1.05 So, be careful with initial data - you will see same behavior as in real world with real objects - again, within variables, calculation and display limitations. You can input the properties of object...
Size: 3.28MB
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XYZ Data Viewer XYZ data Viewer is a Excel table to 3-D graph converter. It provide easy way to analyze a variety of...and to manage different display settings.
Size: 9.1 MB
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Converter convert table data viewer DSN viewer  
FlowMaker From HSC Group : Is an automated database data publisher. It's designed as tool for generating conte...It displays each object as tree node lying under node of its parent object. Each object displayed in...
Size: 2.77MB
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generate content generate content-heavy pages data flows  
Teroid Data Print Control Teroid data Print Control is a .NET Windows Forms control providing a set of properties and methods for printing ADO .NET data in a grid or as individual records. The data source can be a connection s...
Size: 379 KB
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data print control Data Source print data data set